The Coins

The Coins
Coins to collect and… to be tempted by

Passion for ancient coins has led Saccardi to create this quality collection, result of historical and artistic researches.

Among these coins, the Florentine (Republic of Florence) and Roman (republican and imperial periods) ones stand out for value and preciousness: all coins are well preserved and certified.

The Classics

The Unique

Amphoras full of coins

Some workers were digging in ‘El Zaudin’ in Tomares, not far from poco distante dalla città di Sevilla, when they found a real treasure> nine amphoras full od Roman coins in silver and bronze, dated back tothe end of the Fourth Century. ‘A unique finding in our Country – explained Ana Navarra, director of Archaeological Museum of Sevilla -. The engravings are various, some refer to Constantine the Great, others to Maximus. However we still have to open some amphoras: some could contain golden coins. The economical value of this discovery? Hard to say, it could be millions euros.’