Saccardi jewels challenge time for their blend of tradition, authenticity and elegance. The Florentine gold art lives again in the wide selection of items the shop has on offer for its clients. Creations with a polished style, balancing past and present and seducing with charm and mastery.

These enchanting and also certified jewels are admired because Saccardi uses only high-quality materials and monitors all processing phases, in order to offer its clients the pleasure of both preciousness and maximum reliability.

Courteousness is the norm in Saccardi’s. Every day the shop owners, Gianna and Alessandro, along with their specialised personnel, welcome their clients with courtesy and enthusiasm and let them discover the countless marvels on display. They are prepared to satisfy any need and to follow their clients with a customer-tailored after-sale assistance.

Three are the jewel lines, The Classics, The Unique and the prestigious section of The Coins, a collection of original ancient Roman and Florentine coins.

Our jewelry is the official distributor of Tedora.