About Us

About us
Saccardi Jewellery is a precious treasure shining in the historical heart of Florence: a brand that for more than 50 years has been synonymous with beauty and authenticity.

Its experience as goldsmith is priceless and has been handed over from one generation to another, along with passion, kindness and attention to details. Its ability is deeply rooted in the worldwide-appreciated Florentine goldsmithing tradition. Saccardi Jewellery combines traditional artisan knowledge with a new contemporary fine manufacturing.

Ancient and modern styles live together harmoniously with refined collections of jewellery, goldsmithing and silverware. A prestigious section of Florentine and Roman coins also makes Saccardi a point of reference for all numismatic enthusiasts.

Walking along the historic Via Por Santa Maria, between Via Calimala and Ponte Vecchio, and entering Saccardi Jewellery will give you the magic of a journey through time, thanks to its originalfurniturefrom the 1950s and a vintage atmosphere that has preserved both charm and style of that period.

In 2002, Saccardi Jewellery received the Saint Ann Award for being a Historical Shop of Florence.